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Your vehicle will be turned away and not tested for the following reasons:

  • Fluid leaks (other than condensation from AC units)
  • Visibly leaking, missing or inaccessible exhaust system components
  • Tires or wheels unsafe to operate on the dynamometer (including studded tires)
  • Vehicles with low road clearance (may be referred to test center with a ground level dynamometer).
  • Animals (pets) in the vehicle
  • Missing or unverifiable Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Inoperable odometer (vehicles with odometers that are not functioning will be rejected from testing. If an odometer is discovered not to be functioning while a test is in progress, the test will be aborted.)
  • Excessive Engine or Transmission Noise (Mechanical problems)
  • Vehicles Tampered or Altered from OEM designs (including emissions equipment tampering)

If your vehicle is turned away, your Test Center will provide you with a Turn Away Document at no charge; this document will indicate the specific reason(s) why your vehicle cannot be tested.

The Turn Away Document does not extend your retest window or provide you with an extension of time for compliance.