Welcome to the Connecticut Emissions Program

Please note that diagnosing modern vehicles can be complex.  If your vehicle fails the Connecticut Emissions test, we recommend you have the repairs performed at a Certified Emissions Repair Facility (CERF).  These facilities are required to employ Certified Emissions Repair Technicians (CERT) who are trained and certified in special classes, which focus on emissions-related failures and repairs.

There are 11 different vehicle systems that affect the outcome of an emissions test.  Each system has many complex components including:

Air Induction System (air ducts, intake manifold, etc.);
Fuel Metering System (fuel injection systems, etc.)
Ignition System (spark plugs, coils, spark plus wires, etc.)
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System
Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) System (PCV valve, oil filter cap, etc.)
Fuel Evaporative (EVAP) Control System (fuel tank, fuel lines, gas caps, etc.)
Secondary Air Injection System (temperature sensors, etc.)
Exhaust System (catalytic converters, exhaust manifold, etc.)
Engine Emission Control System Sensors (oxygen sensors, air metering sensors, etc.)
On-Board Diagnostics – OBD (service reminder system, etc.)
Related Parts (hoses, switches, gaskets, etc.)