Welcome to the Connecticut Emissions Program

If you purchase a vehicle from a Connecticut Dealer, the dealer, at the time of sale, must ensure that the vehicle is emissions compliant.  The dealer should be able provide you with a copy of the most recent Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR).

If you purchase a vehicle from a Private Party, the vehicle is not required to be in compliance at the time of sale.  To find out if the vehicle you are buying is in compliance, click here to check the test date on-line, or call 1-888-828-8399.  Please have the vehicle identification number (VIN) ready when you call.  If the vehicle test due date is not expired, the vehicle is in compliance and will not have to be tested until the next due date.

If the vehicle test due date does not appear on ctemissions.com, please contact the motorist hotline at 1-888-828-8399 for further details

Vehicles Not in Compliance: If you purchase a vehicle from a private party and the vehicle does not comply with emissions testing requirements, you will need to have the vehicle tested within 30 days of the date that you register the vehicle.  You will not receive a notice for testing and will not be assessed a late fee if the newly purchased vehicle is tested within the required 30 days.

Please note: late fees are billed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or added to your vehicle’s registration renewal.  Late fees are not collected by the test center.