Welcome to the Connecticut Emissions Program

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Emissions Testing Bill of Rights

     (1)   Sale of Service or Goods:

You have no obligation to purchase any goods or services from Emissions Test Centers as a condition of receiving an emissions test.

     (2)   Emissions Testing Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and Saturday 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

     (3)   Motorist Test Fee:

$20.00 (Sales Tax Free)

     (4)   Drive up or Appointment:

You may either make an appointment for a test or drive up to the Test Center of your choice.

     (5)   Illegal Solicitation:

It is illegal to solicit, offer and/or accept a bribe to pass a vehicle. Violators will be prosecuted. To report an incident of bribery, call DMV at 860-263-5333.

     (6)   Prompt Testing:

Every effort is made to complete your test promptly. However, occasionally unexpected delays may occur.

     (7)   Documents You Will Receive:

At the conclusion of your vehicle’s test, you will receive a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR).  If your vehicle failed its test, you will also receive an Emissions Repair Form, appropriate fail brochure(s) and a Certified Emissions Repair Facility List.  Remember to obtain and approve an estimate prior to having repairs done.  If you believe the repair work was done inappropriately or unnecessarily, you may call the DMV Emissions Division at 860-263-5333.

     (8)   Retests:

If your vehicle fails its initial test, your vehicle is entitled to one (1) free retest per test cycle, not per paid test.  If your vehicle is eligible, you may request the free retest at any Emissions Test Center, within sixty (60) consecutive calendar days.

     (9)   Challenge Test:

If you question the validity of your vehicle’s emissions test, you are entitled to challenge the results, free of charge, within fifteen (15) business days, by calling 860-263-5333. If necessary, DMV will schedule a challenge test for you.

    (10)   You Choose Where to Have Your Vehicle Repaired:

You do not need to have your vehicle repaired where it was tested.  You may obtain emissions repairs from any repair facility or repair the vehicle yourself.   However, you must use a Certified Emissions Repair Facility, should you need to apply for a ‘Cost’ Waiver following a retest failure and qualifying emissions-related repairs.  For a full list of Certified Emissions Repair Facilities, visit ctemissions.com or call 1-888-828-8399.

    (11)   Cost Waiver:

The minimum emissions-related repair expense required to be eligible for a waiver, may change from year to year, based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  For the current qualifying amount, please visit ctemissions.com or call 1-888-828-8399.  To be eligible, these repairs must be performed at a Certified Emissions Repair Facility. Keep your receipts.

    (12)   Contact Program Administrator:

You may contact the Toll-Free Emissions Test Hotline with any questions, comments or concerns at: 1-888-828-8399, Monday – Saturday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, or visit the ctemissions.com web site for additional program information.

    (13)   Non-Emissions Related DMV Questions:

Contact the DMV directly with questions, comments or concerns that are non-emissions related.  You may visit the DMV website at www.ct.gov/DMV or call the DMV Telephone Center, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, at 860-263-5700 (within the Hartford area or outside of Connecticut) or 1-800-842-8222 (elsewhere in Connecticut).