Welcome to the Connecticut Emissions Program

Due to exigent circumstances you may qualify for a late emissions test fee waiver. A written request with proper current documentation must be submitted providing proof that the vehicle was unable to be tested for the entire period from its scheduled due date (or retest due date) up to and including ten days before its actual tested date.

Acceptable Documentation:

  • Mechanical Condition (under motor vehicle accident repair)– Copy of the police report, repair invoice or work order indicating that your vehicle was inoperable or the declaration page from your insurance policy indicating that liability coverage has been suspended.
  • Stolen – A police report indicating that your vehicle was unavailable to be tested.
  • Military – For military personnel on out-of-state active duty, copies of military orders and military ID.
  • VIN Error – A Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) indicating a different VIN.
  • Change of Ownership – A Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) indicating that vehicle was tested within 30 days of the registration by the new owner.


If your particular situation is other than the above referenced or you have other questions, please contact DMV’s Emissions Division at (860) 263-5333 or (860) 263-5611